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Hommage à Francis Muguet au Forum sur la gouvernance de l’Internet, Sharm El Sheikh, 15 novembre 2009

Francis Muguet

La petite flamme éthique, la petite flamme de la désobéissance, la petite flamme de la résistance

Transcript en anglais de l’intervention de Divina Frau Meigs


Before we start it’s my sad duty to remember that a very active member of the IGF community passed away on the 4th of October. And I would like to invite one of his many friends, Mrs. Divina Frau-Meigs to say a few words in his memory.
Please, Divina.
[ Applause ]


Dear colleagues, dear members of civil society, of the public services, and of the private enterprise, thank you for giving me the opportunity to say a few words in tribute to Francis Muguet, our comrade who died suddenly on the 4th of October.
Francis Muguet did not like farewells, so I will not speak with sadness about him. I believe that we all think of him with sorrow. Civil society will miss him. The committee of engineers laments his loss. The community of open source is also sad today.
The community of global licensing and the global listener recognizes his loss and that there will be a significant loss in terms of the approaches that might be found for Internet governance.
All of the facets of Francis Muguet are facets of civil society. Many of us are like him. We are seeking different approaches through our cultural diversity for freedom, for alternatives, for trade, that are nonproprietorial.
What is left from his legacy? Something very important, and which all of you who have known him will keep in your memory.
He was an irritant. He was a thorn in one’s side.
He was someone who you recalled always to us within civils that we were supposed to be that thorn in the side, that within this tripartite approach of Internet governance, the private sector, the international sector and the civil society, we were — it was our job to be this perpetual itch, this thorn in the side.
And he was this small flame of disobedience, this rebel.
So as you observe this minute of silence, Francis Muguet gives this to you, each of you, so that you can find one second that small flame of resistance.
And I thank you on his behalf.
[ Applause ]

Thank you, Divina for these thoughtful words.
May I invite all participants to stand up and to honor Francis Muguet’s memory with a minute of silence.
[ Minute of silence ]

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