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Governance dynamics of the "common" of the Internet, Vox Internet II

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ANR Vox Internet II research program invites you to conference entitled From governance to the dynamics of the "common" of the Internet: Questions about the "right of entry".

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Address: Room Vendôme, Ecole des Mines
60 Boulevard Saint Michel 75272 Paris Cedex 06
Additional Information:
Date: 26 and 27 March 2010
Schedule: Friday: 9h-18h
Saturday: 9am to 13:00

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The overview of the key ideas is to

Friday, March 26: Home from 9am

9h30/10h General Introduction: FRANÇOISE Massit-FOLLEA (Scientific Program Manager)
10h/12h30 - Session "Literacy" - Chair: PAUL MATHIAS (Inspector General of Philosophy)
DOMINIQUE BOULLIER (National Foundation of Political Sciences, Paris):
Devices contribution compared according architectures social networks.
DANIEL PRADO (Directorate Multilingualism and Cyberspace, Latin Union, Paris):
Tools and challenges of a multilingual Internet.
DIVINA FRAU-MEIGS (Paris III University):
Education Electronic Media and Human Rights: a participatory approach to public, open, and ethical.

14h30/18h00 - Session "Knowledge open" - Chair: DANIELE BOURCIER (CERSA, CNRS-Université Paris II)
JOS DE MUL (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
The governance of BIOmics: Commercial vs. open source biology
Dominique Cardon (France Telecom Lab):
How the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is she "governed"?
CECILE MEADEL (CSI, Ecole des Mines, Paris):
Construction and validation of knowledge in electronic trading on medical issues.
HERVE THE CROSNIER (University of Caen)
Building the commons of knowledge.

Saturday, March 27

9h/11h30 - Session "physical access" - Chair: PHILIPPE BARBET (University Paris XIII)
RAPHAEL SUIRE (University of Rennes 1 / CREM-CNRS / MARSOUIN)
Public action with regard to the measurement of digital divides.
OLIVIER SYLVAIN (Fordham Law School, New York):
Internet Policy and Democratic Legitimacy: Broadband Regulation in the USA.
Universal access and the informal economy: the deployment of the Internet in Africa.

Speaking Mireille Delmas-Marty, Professor at the Collège de France, Chair Comparative Legal Studies and Internationalization of law.

Read the overview of key ideas on

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